Spirit Space’s mission is to create balanced individuals, connected communities, and a respected earth.

Certified Yoga Instructor Hannah Tosi will come directly to you with all the materials required for a compassionate and inspiring practice. Working with individuals, groups, and families, indoors and outside, she makes traditional healing and enlightenment practices accessible for all ages, abilities, and incomes.

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To start, I have never been into yoga and was honestly quite scared of it. But starting it with Hannah has been an amazing way to start my journey of yoga. I asked to start classes to work on some issues I have had with my back. From there she has helped me learn stretches and poses to help strengthen my core helping me avoid further back injuries. (Side note, I have had back issues for over 10 years). Hannah understands my limitations as a beginner of yoga and challenges me more and more each class but doesn’t push me when I have realized that I can’t move my body into a specific pose yet. And Hannah’s teaching of yoga has taught me so much about meditation and my connection to my own body. I can’t recommend her enough or stop telling everyone I know about how great she is.

Laura W.

Hannah is an amazing teacher. She understands and practices the connection between body, mind and spirit. She is caring and careful, gentle and generous. I attended her classes at the JCC in Newton and I have been lucky enough to participate in a small private group. I always felt refreshed and relaxed after Hannah’s classes. I cannot recommend her highly enough!

Helen B.