Spirit Space’s mission is to create balanced individuals, connected communities, and a respected earth.

Certified Yoga Instructor Hannah Tosi will come directly to you with all the materials required for a compassionate and inspiring practice. Working with individuals, groups, and families, indoors and outside, she makes traditional healing and enlightenment practices accessible for all ages, abilities, and incomes.

The practices of yoga and meditation create space in the body, mind, and heart for our spirit to awaken. Through balancing the body and stilling the mind we access the innate and intuitive wisdom of the nature that we are. This vital life force exists inside each and every one of us. It is grounded, connected, inspired and free. It has many names – Prana, Purusha, Neshama, Bodhichitta, Soul, Consciousness. We recover spirit through communion with our bodies and breath. Dis-ease, disillusion, and unhealthy coping mechanisms naturally fade and we make space for stability, ease, and full-embodied being.

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