Meditation Lessons

Learn meditation practices to bring into your daily life, treat yourself to a weekly guided session exploring relevant themes, or host sessions for your family and friends to practice together on a regular basis.  Explore simple and effective techniques including Mindfulness of Breath, Pranayama (Yogic Breathing), Insight Meditation, Loving-Kindness, Mantra, and Tonglen. Private meditation classes are offered in my home studio or your home, office, or event space. See for more information.

Breathing Techniques

Meditation allows the practitioner to quiet the mind and access the deeper self. While much of Western yoga revolves around asana, the physical postures, the yogic teachings describe asana as preparation for the practices of concentration, dharana, and meditation, dhyana, on the path to samadhi, englightment. Hannah believes that every human has the power to be enlightened, and that enlightenment is more simple than we’ve been led to believe. To be our own buddha we begin by learning to recognize our inner voices.