Social Justice

Hannah recognizes she is a white person teaching a practice that was developed by people of color. She acknowledges and decries the problematic presence of social oppression including white supremacy culture, patriarchy, colonialism, and other forms of prejudice and systemic harm. She seeks to make her classes and workshops a safe(r) space for survivors of interpersonal and cultural violence. She continues to explore issues of identity and is dedicated to dismantling social oppression and empowering those who have been marginalized systematically harmed. She humbly continues to engage in learning around  liberation, and welcomes constructive criticism.

Stop for the Soul

A sanctuary of peace and joy at an ordinarily boring bus stop. This project was displayed at my hometown bus stop in Hyde Park, MA where I waited for countless hours to get to school.  This “Placemaking” project was designed to build community empowerment, pride, and connection in response to what sometimes felt like an oppressive environment.  Funded by The Boston Foundation.

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Feel Great While You Wait

Yoga wisdom at the bus stop for healthier posture, interesting conversations, and peace of mind.

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Partnering with local organizations

Working with non-profits to bring yoga to their participants.


Free Yoga Classes

Gentle yoga classes offered free of cost in urban green spaces.


Community Yoga at The Shop

Donation-based classes in Worcester, MA

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This work was made possible through the funding of our supporters:

The Boston Foundation’s Expressing Boston Fellowship