Private Sessions


Enjoy the convenience and privacy of practicing in your own home or via Zoom.  Private sessions give you space to ask questions, get lots of personal attention, and plenty of hands-on assistance (if desired) from Hannah. Customize your focus for specific wellness goals, and track your progress over time. Yoga can be a practice that brings up vulnerability, and sometimes a private lesson feels like the safest space to explore your inner world. Individual lessons are also an excellent way to practice for those with special considerations.   Yoga mats and props provided (optional). Cost is $60/hr.

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Family and Friends

Personal attention, customizable content, and privacy – for families, friends, or neighbors! A great way to spend quality time together, and build your community while building healthy habits. $60 up to 4 people, over 4 people, $60 base pay + $15 additional per person. Yoga mats and props provided (optional).

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Yoga is a great activity for gatherings, parties, and events. A great way to relax and bond at a weekend getaway, or as a way to wind-down after work or during lunch breaks. Group sessions are a great gift for a special occasion or an affordable way for co-workers to practice regularly and get tons of personal attention together – $120/hr.

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Customize your private and group classes:

  • Gentle YogaHand to Foot Pose
  • Slow-Flow Yoga
  • Restorative Yoga (with bolsters, relaxing music)
  • Yoga for Beginners
  • Foundations of a Safe and Sacred Practice
  • Yoga for Seniors
  • Chair Yoga
  • Yoga in Nature
  • Stress Reduction
  • Working with Pain
  • Yoga for the Office
  • Intergenerational Family Yoga – age 5 and up
  • Yoga for Lower Back and Hips
  • Yoga for Healthy Knees
  • Yoga for Head, Neck, and Shoulders
  • Yoga for Balance
  • Yoga for Healthy Joints
  • Yoga for Healthy Digestion
  • Yoga for Anxiety
  • Yoga for Depression
  • Trauma-Informed Yoga
  • Yoga for Emotional Resilience